Gordon McDonald (mindwanders) wrote,
Gordon McDonald

Smoking Update - Day 5

Time since stopping: 116 hours
Cigarettes not smoked: 83
Cigarettes smoked: 0
Nicotine replacements Taken: 22
Nicotine Craving Level: 3/10
Cigarette Craving Level: 6/10

Day Totals
Cigarettes not smoked: 10
Cigarettes smoked: 0
Nicotine replacements Taken: 1

Had my fist day that I've not really taken much in the way of the NRT. It's not been too bad for most of the as I started off quite hungover and the hangover and inhilator had definite differences. Tried a couple of draws this morning and that's been me for the day.

Currently avoiding Amanda as the rage is building to quite excessive levels. Think I'm going to need to crack and take a pill for the sake of my marriage.
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