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I've always considered myself to be a very non-musical person. So When I found out that there's a BBC labs for musicality I was tempted to give it a go. Bear in mind that it's quite a long test.


The test is split into two parts a series of questions about your attitudes to music and your percieved ability with it, mixed in with a series of practical tests.

My results from the survey were:

Enthusiasm for Music 15%

You scored low for enthusiasm, which suggests that music isn’t particularly important to you. You probably spend less time than most people just listening to music or having music on in the background while you do other things.

Musical Perception 11%

You scored low for perception, which suggests that you don’t have a strong ear for music. You are likely to find it challenging to keep a beat or sing in tune, and you may also have difficulty in distinguishing between different instruments or musical genres. Your scores in the musical tests will give you a good idea of where your specific strengths and weaknesses lie.

Emotional Connection 34%

You scored low for emotional connection, which indicates that music doesn’t influence your feelings and that you rarely, if ever, use music to manage your mood. Your results suggest that music doesn’t generally have the power to reconnect you to past events or change your emotional state.

Social Creativity 0%

You scored low for Social creativity, which suggests that you find it difficult to remember melodies and may not be able to recall new songs or musical phrases easily. This may mean you lack the confidence to contribute to group activities where music is involved, and are not comfortable joining in by singing or clapping along with others. You probably find it very challenging to imagine new melodies in your head.

Musical Creativity 5%

You scored low for music curiosity, which suggests that you aren’t really open to exploring new music, and prefer to listen to the genres and artists you are already familiar with. As a result, you are likely to be exposed to a limited range of musical styles and have a more focused range of musical taste than the average person. You probably wouldn’t ever attend an event just to experience live music, but may enjoy going to see familiar artists perform.

However Running counter to that are the actual test scores that I recieved.

Group the Music - Identify which tracks are from the same genre.

Managed a few, but not so many that it couldn't have been random chance :-/

Match the Beat - This test looks at your ability to recognise the beat in a piece of music, by getting you to judge whether some beeps superimposed onto the music are in time with the beat of the music.

I scored 14 out of 18 on this one, which is actually way better than I expected. Although I do enjoy a good dance, so that may be where it came from.

Match the Beat - This activity tests your ability to tap out a beat in time with the music using the space bar on your keyboard. 

I scored High for 2 pieces, Medium For 4 and Low for 3. I have a suspicion that the ones I scored low on were the orchestral tracks so I couldn't find the bass or drums that I'd normally use. I found the beat eventually, but not quickly enough to score well I suspect.

Melody Memory - Session had timed out, so I'm doing this one from memory. You had to work out if two pieces of music played at different pitches were actually the same music.

Again, I scored around thr 70 percent mark.

All in all it looks like I actually have a better ear for music than I ever give myself credit for. I should probably actually put a little more effort into developing it.

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