Gordon McDonald (mindwanders) wrote,
Gordon McDonald

Public Entertainment Licence Changes

From 1st April 2012 licensing requirements for Public Entertainment events in Edinburgh changed. Previously there was no need to have a license for Public Entertainment events if the event was free but that changed as a result of an amendment to legislation.

However, the Regulatory Committee for the Council is waiving any fee for a licence for a free event scheduled to be held before 20 April 2012. The next Regulatory Committee meeting on that date will make a decision about future licenses and fees for free events taking into account the views of the public.

Changes to the Public Entertainment Resolution (a statement from the Council of its intentions and required by law) are required, to ensure certain small scale, free to enter public events do not require a licence.

This will mean that some events - such as art exhibitions, charitable functions and poetry readings - can go ahead without a licence or fee. The public are being asked their views on what kind of events should be exempt from having a license. The closing date for giving your views 13 April 2012.

Click the link to fill out the survey.

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